eleonora knowland artist

artist statements

Eleonora Knowland
February 2015

The themes that seem to be a constant in my work are light, colour and simplicity.
I aim to get to the essence of what I am painting without too much information getting in the way. I like the viewer to bring their own emotions and experiences to the work when they spend time looking at it.
Collecting together work for the retrospective has been very interesting, giving me an overview to my approach. I have also found it enjoyable seeing the work again; they feel like old friends.
I have returned to the poem “Moons and tides, Walberswick” by Oliver Bernard for my current work.
When I first started working on it I intended to do a series of etchings. I have now started that work, but not only etchings, also mezzotints.
These are a wonderfully painterly type of print that are very labour intensive but really worth while, bring an ethereal quality to the light.

Eleonora Knowland
February 2014
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press and reviews

Aspire Magazine
Issue 334

December 2013
Alice Wright
Digby Gallery at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester

Review, 2010

"Viewers of Eleonora Knowland෯rk will encounter gentle, curved, canvases which reflect the volume of East Angliaଡndscape. These gentle landscapes are pieced with hand stitching ᳠precise as that of a surgeon 毬ds are made, pulling the canvasയ reveal, almost like a wound, something so bright and colourful it is as if Eleonora wants us to remember a forgotten pleasure lying beneath her soft delicate pallet of oil colour. These moments of colour are often an immerging or retreating sun framed by the huge Suffolk vista over our heads, as she writes ⥥zing fog rising from frozen water-meadows in front of burning sunsets⼯p>

Becky Munting
Buckenham Galleries, Southwold, Suffolk

Review, 2009

"Eleonora has developed a unique and exciting style of painting. Her curved canvases cross the border between sculpture and painting, and it is this which is integral to her work. Inspired by the surrounding landscapes, her work captures a precise time of the day (like 0300 Spring, or 0730 Winter). Stitched lines, and gaps in the canvas are now appearing more in her work, and these create a structure or form in each piece. Gentle gradation of delicate hues, compliment the undulating canvases, with sudden bursts of brilliant vibrant colour add dynamism to each work."

John Henn and Sandra Grantham
lecturer at Camberwell School of Art
and art conservator

Review, June 2006

"It seems clear to an observer of these works that they are produced by someone with a close affinity to the land and its husbandry. This may not be obvious at first, but on closer inspection and with the back-up of excellent source material, it becomes very clear.
Strong and imaginative photographic references are the starting point for sketches which, eventually, reduce the surface to the abstract essence of a landscape. Equipped with this distilled fund of information Eleonora Knowland then creates minimalistic and atmospheric canvases.
The painting supports are themselves shaped with convex and concave curves, which echo the subtle Suffolk undulating countryside. The cutting and stitching of some of the pieces breaks and makes tensions and creates a focal point. Using what appears to be a very limited palette, which on closer inspection is full of colour, she emphasises her rapport with the agricultural landscape which is the driving force behind this body of work."

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