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moons and tides

  • The bow wave spreads green lights along high water mark
  • Oars-mixing-milk-beneath-glass-surfaces
  • Mezzotint 01
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artist's statement

February 2015

The themes that seem to be a constant in my work are light, colour and simplicity.
I aim to get to the essence of what I am painting without too much information getting in the way. I like the viewer to bring their own emotions and experiences to the work when they spend time looking at it.
Collecting together work for the retrospective has been very interesting, giving me an overview to my approach. I have also found it enjoyable seeing the work again; they feel like old friends.
I have returned to the poem “Moons and tides, Walberswick” by Oliver Bernard for my current work.
When I first started working on it I intended to do a series of etchings. I have now started that work, but not only etchings, also mezzotints.
These are a wonderfully painterly type of print that are very labour intensive but really worth while, bring an ethereal quality to the light.

February 2014

This year I will be concentrating on a series of landscape paintings inspired by the poem; Moons and Tides, Walberswick by the long established East Anglian poet Oliver Bernard.
The poem reflects on time spent by Bernard in Walberswick.
Reading the poem the words conjure up images, ideas and memories.  I have stayed in the same house as Bernard, walked the same footpaths and rowed the same river.  As I read Moons and Tides, Walberswick, I can feel the shingle under my feet, hear the waves crashing against the sea wall and almost taste the salt in the air.  These shared experiences help my understanding of the poem, and with this understanding I develop sketches, then oil paintings on paper and finally oil paintings on canvas.
Some verses lead me to produce several sketches while others do not suggest any. This depends on the imagery evoked by the verse, which is then influenced through my memory and association and rendered into paintings.
I am finding this work very stimulating and exciting. I am surprised by some of the paintings on paper that I have produced so far. They are full of vibrancy and more colour than I have used before.
The Northsea coast can be dull and lacking colour but as is shown by David Hockney, in his show at the Royal Academy, landscapes you expect to be dull are also full of the most glorious colours.